3 Reasons to Let Your Customer Take Control

Ever wondered what happens when sales reps fail to book meetings and an AE’s calendar starts catching cobwebs? Also, what are the worst behaviors you’ve ever witnessed in the office? We’ve got an anonymous account of AEs straight from the pits of seller’s hell that’ll make your jaw drop!

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The Sales Lab🔬: 3 Reasons to Let Your Customer Take Control 

In the past, we’ve talked a bit about dominating prospects in a conversation and why it’s not a good idea.

Stereotypes of the sales professional being this self-assured jerk who bullies his way to the sale used to run rampant and has done a disservice to more modern ways of selling. 

In reality, sellers want to be an advisor, and expert guiding prospects to discover their biggest problems, or reveal them to the sales professional, and ultimately solve them.

The best sellers accomplish this by allowing customers to take control (without them realizing it). 

Here are 3 major reasons why you should do the same! 

How Else Will You Discover Their Pain?

This may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of sellers fail to realize this. If your customer isn’t comfortable enough to divulge what’s bugging them, or what’s happening with their business, how on earth will you know? 

If you’ve done your homework, you will have great insights into their company and its generic issues and challenges, but each prospect is different. And the idea to close faster and more efficiently is to have the prospect reveal the real pain they’re experiencing so you can tailor your pitch to it and present your product as that solution.

You can’t discover the real problem unless the customer is comfortable. 

Quickly Spot Bad Leads

Who likes chasing a prospect around the globe for a couple of months before realizing not only will they not choose your product, but they didn’t even need it in the first place? 

No one?

Well, the sure-fire way to avoid this is to have the customer feel in control of the conversation and therefore reveal more useful information to you, the seller.

Guide them to share the following:  

  • What their superiors think of the problem. 

  • What deadlines are they working with? 

  • Why do they need to make this change?

By answering questions like these, the prospect will reveal to you the likelihood of closing the sale. 

A Faster Close

In some people’s heads, bullying a prospect into signing on the dotted line might sound like a fast way to that commission check.

But consider this: are you quicker to make a decision when someone is constantly in your ear about it? Or are you more inclined to make that choice when you feel as though you are in control?

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