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3 ways to collect CPG shopper insights and boost conversions

What if your favorite sales influencer asked for your pitch in front of hundreds of other professionals? On camera? In a matter of seconds? That’s what happened to a couple of folks who attended a Jeremy Miner event. Luckily, you get to learn from their blunders from the comfort of your office. Thank us later.

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The Sales Lab🔬: 3 ways to collect CPG shopper insights and boost conversions

Shopper insights help you better understand your customers’ behavior. If used properly, it can help you more effectively meet their needs and (ultimately) boost your sales.

Shopper insights come in two categories:

  1. Quantitative: this refers to ‘hard data’, such as demographics, product performance, and shopper behavior.

  2. Qualitative: these insights are more experiential. Think customer reviews, interviews, surveys, etc.

In a nutshell, shopper insights don’t just reveal which products are doing well. They also show you why Let’s break down 3 different ways to capture shopper insights and set your conversions on fire 🔥.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a powerful source of shopper insights, regardless of what it is you’re selling. Customer reviews are a great place to learn:

  • Differing opinions on your product (what do people love or hate about your product)

  • What do they think of your competitor’s product?

  • What product features resonate with your customers?

Some sites reward great reviewers and build their own community based on sharing detailed thoughts and experiences with using different services. Some folks write a whole dissertation on a single product 😅.

If you’re trying to know your customers better, start checking out popular sites where users will likely comment on your product. You might find a goldmine or a nugget.

Shopper Receipts

Whenever customers purchase via a brand’s owned properties (website/app, point-of-sale, etc.)  that means they agree to share first-party data with your business. The data then aggregates into your CRM for re-targeting.

Here’s some of the information this allows you to get your hands on:

  • Demographic info: age, education, marital status

  • Interests: individual products, product categories, preferred content

  • Location: Where they live, work, or where their business is located

  • Coupons: what customers have or have not used coupons

Social Media

People don’t mind sharing their thoughts on social media. And the same goes for the people buying your product. If you ever want to know what’s really going on in your customers’ heads, try taking a trip through X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook.

You can use social media analytics tools to measure engagement and campaign performance across different social media platforms. This will provide more detailed shopper insights. If used properly, this data can help you improve your messaging and overall outreach efforts.

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