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5 reasons sales engineers fail at presentations

Today we’re sharing a sales tactic that takes ‘letting go of the outcome’ to a whole other level. There’s more: shocking statistics explain why prospects have been dumping your emails in spam (and it’s probably not what you think!)

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The Sales Lab🔬: 5 reasons sales engineers fail at presentations

Sales engineers must communicate the technical details of a product in a way prospects can easily understand. Engineers must flaunt their expertise by demonstrating how and why their product provides the ideal solution. This is why top-tier presentation skills are a must if a sales engineer wants to make an impact on the customer journey. 

Here are 5 reasons sales engineers botch their presentations (and how to avoid them) 👇

#1 You’re underestimating social proof

You could be the Tony Stark of tech engineering, addressing the most tech-oriented audience in the Western hemisphere, and it wouldn’t change this fact: people are emotional beings that buy based on how things make them feel. Seeing other high-end customers use your product with positive results will drive them to buy from you more than technical explanations.

#2 You’re not telling a story

Remember, your audience wants to know what it is your product can do for them. As compelling as technical data can be (in the right context), it won’t be much help if you’re simply stringing together clip after clip of data. Rely on comprehensive storytelling with the simple conclusion: your product is the solution to the problem they’re facing.

#3 You’re not asking questions

When starting your presentation, you’ll want to ask your audience a couple of well-informed questions. This will give you insight into their technical needs, and allow you to tailor your presentation around them. It’s a powerful technical sales tip that shouldn’t be ignored.

#4 You’re ‘sticking to the script’ 

You spent a lot of time putting together your clips and sifting through your data, and you’re super proud of your work. That’s okay. But if you intend to sit around your laptop, eyes glued to the screen as you mumble the contents of each slide like an underwhelming incantation, you can kiss the sale goodbye. The ‘script’ is there to guide you. Not dictate every waking moment of the presentation. Stand up, look your audience in the eyes, and adjust your presentation according to the prospect’s needs.

#5 You’ve forgotten the focus of your presentation

What is the focus of your presentation? Is it you? Your solution? Nope. It’s the value proposition. Not just the fact that your solution can solve the prospect’s problem – but how? By focusing on the value proposition from the outset your presentation will resonate with your audience throughout.

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Mind-blowing email statistics that’ll change the way you sell

47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line and nothing else. (And it goes both ways: 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on it.)

What this means: First impressions can determine whether you land the sale or not. A great subject line lets prospects know straight away you’ve got something they need.

The deets: In 2023, a survey involving email marketers in the United States and Europe uncovered new insights into the effectiveness of email marketing. 51 percent of respondents believed that AI-supported email marketing has surpassed traditional methods. Twenty percent saw no significant difference.

What this means: Even when emailing prospects from a legitimate email you may still end up in spam. This proves the power of using a company email address.

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