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  • 500 Clients, $10 million, 3 Years – Here’s How....

500 Clients, $10 million, 3 Years – Here’s How....

Today’s deep dive is proof that mega success doesn’t come overnight. Today’s insights will help you trust the process!

In Today’s Jam

  • Marcus Chan Deep Dive.

  • Close More Sales, At A Faster Rate With Relationship Selling

  • Digital Sales Room Tool, and more…

  • The Surf and Sales Summit and more game changers

  • Never Give Up on Cold Calling

  • Remote Sales Jobs

Sales Pro Deep Dive🕵🏼‍♂️

Marcus Chan’s Venli Consulting Group launched to mega success, but that didn’t happen overnight. This is his secret!

Marcus Chan, Founder of Venli Consulting Group

Marcus Chan is the founder of Venli Consulting Group, and a member of the Forbes Business Council; the latter, a council of proven business leaders and executives from across the world who have been recognized by Forbes for excellence in their fields. As you’ve seen in the subject, Chan pulled 500 clients, made $10 million, and did it all in three years as head of Venli Consulting Group, coaching sales pros in the B2B space. We researched Chan to find out if there’s a method to this crazy level of success, and it just so happens that there is.

Marcus Chan, Here’s How He Did It…

  • Doing the groundwork: Before he was a top voice in sales on LinkedIn, Chan started out doing B2B sales in the start-up division. His job was to pick up industrial contracts and persuade companies that were basically falling apart; basically, he learned persuasion the hard way!

  • Gathering experience: After about four promotions, he transitioned into another job in industrial laundry. He went from sales rep to sales leader, to sales director, and spent years mastering the role of managing hundreds of employees.

  • Recognize opportunities: Nine years later, after delivering over $200 million in sales, Chan used his experience and skills to branch off and start his own thing (Venli Consulting Group) – maybe you’ve heard of it!

Sales Lab🔬💰

Close More Sales, At A Faster Rate With Relationship Selling

Relationship selling is a highly effective technique employed by sales representatives, where establishing and nurturing a genuine connection with the customer takes precedence over other aspects of the sale.

This approach revolves around building trust, typically accomplished by adding value and investing significant time with prospects.

By prioritizing rapport building and focusing on meeting the customer's needs, relationship sellers foster a foundation of trust and loyalty. Rather than rushing to close the deal, they recognize the importance of developing strong relationships that endure beyond the immediate transaction. In doing so, they not only maximize sales opportunities but also cultivate long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Top Ways To Nail Relationship Selling

  1. Build Rapport

    To build rapport, sales reps typically practice active listening to successfully uncover prospects’ needs and form a relationship.

  2. Include Custom Personalization

    If they feel like the experience isn’t personalized, prospects are unlikely to purchase an expensive product.

  3. Check In Often

    Staying in touch with future and past customers ensures you’ll be the first person they think of when they need to buy or recommend your product.

  4. Be Proactive

    Proactively let them know of exciting developments at your organization.

  5. Do Your Research

    Before a call or email, be sure to check out their social media accounts to learn more about them.

Sales Power Tools🔨💰

Get Accept

Get Accept helps you add that oomph to your bottom line by empowering revenue teams to excel at the sales process. As they put it on their website, their digital sales room allows you to engage and understand buyers from the beginning of the process until the deal is signed.

The Good Stuff👍

  • All data is automatically logged once integrated with a CRM.

  • All information on customers is in one place.

  • Allows users to customize and add their own personal touch.

The not-so-good stuff🤔

  • Interface isn’t the friendliest at first; this, however, is offset by a great and responsive support team.

Deal Hub

Deal Hub is your go-to for next-level quote-to-revenue automation, helping sales professionals manage contracts and proposals, and close deals smoothly. It’s compatible with top CRMs and is built for multi-team collaborations.

The Good Stuff 👍

  • Quoting process is highly customizable which makes things easier for end users and managers.

  • Integrates easily with Hub Spot (a lot of other tools don’t).

  • Implementation team is top-tier and is very hands-on with new users.

The Not-So-Good Stuff 🤔

  • While the implementation team shares lots of gems with users, it would be great to have that information more readily accessible on the platform.

Game Changers Of The Week🔥🍾

  • It’s easy to get caught up in motivational videos and other content that gets you pumped for the week. But are they helping you to actually close those deals? Probably not. BUT, this one will!

  • What if you get the insights of 9 different sales training programs packed into one, comprehensive package? Well, you can, thanks to Udemy’s Sales Skills Course. Sign up and get ready to take your sales game to a whole new level.

  • The Surf and Sales Summit is inviting sales pros from all over, to join them for a career-altering experience in Costa Rica, including workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions and more. They even give you tips on getting your job to cover all expenses.

  • Making mistakes is a part of the game. The Sell or Die Podcast shows you why it’s important to trust the process!

Remote Sales Jobs Of The Week💪

Will Smith teaches us to never give up during cold calling…⚡️

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