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A quick look at Sales Navigator (4 tips to land more clients)

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It’s that time of year to express our undying love for the art of selling 💘 If sales isn’t your valentine, maybe your motivational video intake is a little lacking.

How’s this for a Valentine's gift: 4 Sales Nav tips to supercharge your pipeline!

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The Sales Lab🔬: A quick look at Sales Navigator (4 tips to land more clients)

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman who wanted to create a way to connect professionals from all industries. Less than a year later, he and his colleagues launched LinkedIn, one of the oldest social networks in the history of the interwebs. Yes, it’s older than Facebook! 

A year after its launch, LinkedIn was a million users deep. But it wasn’t until 2014 that LinkedIn Sales Navigator came into the picture.

How do all these improvements help you with selling today? Here are 4 tips for using Sales Navigator to land more clients. 

It Starts With Boolean Search

Boolean search allows you to exclude or add specific people to your saved searches and lists. Incorporating this in your sales efforts is a must: your Sales Nav strategy will only work if you’ve filtered out your ideal customer.

Save These Three Searches

According to Morgan J Ingram, he spends most of his time in the leads list section of Sales Nav. Ingram believes it provides you with way more data to tailor your first touchpoint. Here are the three searches he recommends:

  • Changed job in the last 90 days. 

  • Previous role. 

  • Viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

Build Out Your Leads List

The next step is to save your leads from saved searches – and turn them into a lead list. Here’s what your list should look like:

  • Industry list: Everyone you’d like to target within a specific industry.

  • Customers with the most seats: People within your buyer persona specifically from your 25 customers with the most seats. In some cases, a customer (one that used your solution in the past) may switch companies, and begin pushing your solution at their new job.

  • Current customers: Add approximately 100 people who work for your current customers to this list i.e. people in your region. Ideally, those who have proven themselves to be true brand advocates. Similar to customers in our last point, these folks will be likely to push your product should they move to another company.

Feed The Leads

Once you’ve done the work of saving searches and lists, you want to put a system in place. This system will entail checking for updates on persons of interest and dropping them a message every few weeks. This is how you will start closing deals. 

Ingram suggests checking saved searches for anything new in green and adding persons to your leads list. Additionally, you want to stay on top of your digital inventory. Congratulating prospects who just switched jobs can be a neat way to build rapport over a period of time.

Check out Ingram’s full breakdown here. It includes screenshots of what to say when you choose to reach out to prospects in your list.

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