Avoid This Sales Killer, And Close More Deals

If you had to guess the one thing that’s killing your sales, what would it be? Scratch that. You don’t need to guess – that’s why we’re here! Plus, we’ve got some stats that’ll make your jaw drop.

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Avoid This Sales Killer and Close More Deals

It may be hard to accept sometimes, but there’s always a reason for a prospect’s indecisiveness. What many won’t tell you is that a lot of times, the one thing holding back prospects is FEAR. Why is that? Well, think about it. Their decision can make or break a particular system at the company especially if they take a chance on an unfamiliar product. Who wants to explain that in a board meeting? Right. Let’s take a look at some other factors that can stop you from moving a sale along and what you need to do about each one.

The Prospect isn’t aware they have a problem

To fix a problem you have to be aware that it even exists! In some cases, prospects aren’t being ‘difficult’ or ‘playing hard to get’; sometimes there are genuine barriers they need to overcome whether they realize it or not. Ignorance just might be one of them, and that’s where you come in. By asking the right questions, and allowing them to speak, you will get a feel of how aware the prospect is and how to guide them into understanding that they do have an issue and how your product can help them with it.

The prospect is aware but doesn’t care

This one might be a bit trickier. What if your prospect is well aware of the issue but simply doesn’t care? How do you convince someone like that? It’s simple (maybe not ‘easy’) but simple. You show them the VALUE in using your product. To achieve this, simply outline the way your product can positively impact their company; whether it's reducing costs for a particular thing or streamlining a specific daily process, especially one that costs employees a lot of time. It’s one thing to not care about a product you aren’t fully aware of; it’s another thing to deny your company a chance to improve revenue or productivity.

The Prospect is in fact scared of using your product

Here’s the big one. The prospect knows your product can help them, and acknowledges that it’s the next big step they need to take. But they won’t do it; fear just cripples them. So, what do you do?

Tailor your presentation around things that reduce that fear. Maybe they’re iffy about the cost, so focus on payment plans and guarantees. Maybe they think employees will struggle with onboarding, show them how you streamline that process. Most importantly, outline the value they will get from your product. Understand the mindset of your prospect and build your presentation around it.

The Best Sellers Are Constantly Improving. What About You?

The Sales Accelerator Series

Sales has evolved a ton over the years. You can expect that to keep happening. The Sales Accelerator Series is one of those resources that help you filter out the noise, focus on what’s relevant, and meet and exceed client expectations. It prioritizes the customer-based sales process with modern techniques to help you achieve acceleration.

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GAP Selling, A Must-Read

Typically, sales pros are told to read the same books over and over. We figured we’d throw something in there that wasn’t quite as popular as To Sell is Human but still ranked high among sellers. Gap Selling turns “sales order takers into sales influencers”. It’s interesting as the author, Keenan, chooses to share his own methodology in this book, instead of repeating the ones from the 20th century. His style is pretty out there but, you know, in a good way.

Caveat alert!

Some readers have complained about wanting more tools included, and that the work becomes repetitive. But everyone agrees it’s an invaluable resource.

So, happy reading!

Sales Tools To Enhance Your Arsenal

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