Being a Great AE is Easier Than You Think

Ever wondered what happens when sales reps fail to book meetings and an AE’s calendar starts catching cobwebs? Also, what are the worst behaviors you’ve ever witnessed in the office? We’ve got an anonymous account of AEs straight from the pits of seller’s hell that’ll make your jaw drop!

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The Sales Lab🔬: Being a Great AE is Easier Than You Think

The internet is flooded with sales horror stories. We recently stumbled on the experience of an individual (let’s call him ‘John’) who had the displeasure of encountering the world’s most heinous Account Executives. 

I mean they were bad.

How bad? 

John’s buying experience went a little something like this:

  • Bad AE inserts terms into quotes that were never requested.

  • Bad AE blames John when he requests that quote terms be corrected before signing off on anything.

  • Bad AE omits terms from quotes which were specifically requested by John. Then on top of that acts as if they have no idea what he is talking about.

Even worse? These AEs work for a top SaaS company.

Start today by implementing these tips 👇

Staying Organized

It’s one thing to list the tasks you have to complete for the day. Sure, it keeps you on track and helps you set short-term goals. A real game changer is closing the day by making a list of the top 3 or 5 tasks you must complete the following day.

Know the Metrics that Matter

One of the main skills that separate an average AE from a top AE is their knowledge of key sales metrics. Top AEs study this to the point of learning how many meetings are needed to close a single sale. What you can measure you can manage!

Put the Prospect First

Some sales bros will tell you anyone who says they’re in sales to help people are full of it. On the contrary, being in it to help others makes a ton of sense. Think about it: if you’re genuinely looking out for people, they will sense that and happily reciprocate it. Who wouldn’t trust someone advising them according to the interests of their company?

Review Your Sales Calls

Collecting feedback from colleagues and former customers can go a long way in improving your sales skills. But you can take it a step further than that and record your sales calls (ethically and legally of course) to help iron out the kinks in your sales conversations. 

Are you pausing too much? Are you using too many filler words and is it affecting how confident you sound? Are you paying attention to the prospects pain points, problems and desires?

Reviewing these calls can be a game changer in improving how you present to your prospects. 

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Sales Q&A

Career Help. Medical Sales.

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Why AEs Should Know How to Self-Source Meetings

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Sales Scene of the Week🎬

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