Building the Perfect Sales Cadence [Guide]

It’s easy to think your peers are working black magic to smash their quotas every quarter. Talk about making those exotic vacations count! If you’re looking to switch jobs, we’ve got a little cheat code to help you land the perfect sales gig!

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The Sales Lab🔬: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building The Perfect Sales Cadence

A lot of sales professionals suffer from the same affliction: indecision. 

“What do I say next?”

“What do I do next?”

“Where do we go from here?”

While this is a huge problem for sellers, the source of the issue is usually straightforward:

You haven’t developed your sales cadence. 

Taking a scientific approach to building out your sales cadence can save you from having to explain why you keep missing quota. Actually, it can revolutionize the way you sell. 

Here’s how you do it 👇

Start with Your Knowledge

For starters, you will rely on your knowledge to predict scenarios that are likely to play out during outreach. The next step is to implement this prediction in a real exchange to determine whether it works. If it does work, keep it in your cadence. If it doesn’t, ditch it.

The Anatomy of the Sales Cadence

A sales cadence consists of activities and plays. An activity represents a single action such as dialing a prospect. A play is a series of said actions that happen in rapid succession in a single moment.

If a play consists of multiple activities, this is called a multi-touch play and is considered the superior approach to a single-touch play. 

Single-Touch Play Example:

Emailing Prospect

Multi-Touch Play Example:

Emailing Prospect + Following Up on LinkedIn

Expert-Approved Sales Cadence Template

Now that we’ve covered the basics here is an expert-vetted sales cadence recommended by Sales Trainer, Will Barron.


Generic insights will get you nowhere when implementing your sales cadence. Personalization goes a long way.

Especially in that first email, you want to make a strong impression; you can achieve this by doing the proper research and ensuring that you’re targeting the buyer’s pain points. 

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Sales Q&A

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