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Cold Calling Isn’t ‘Dead’, It’s Evolving. Here’s How...

Cold calling has changed a lot over the years, so much so, many believe it’s ‘dead’. We can prove to you, cold calling is very much alive. That is if you employ this simple, game-changing tip.

In Today’s Jam:

  • Cold calling isn’t ‘dead’, it’s evolving.

  • Kevin Dorsey deep dive.

  • Sales Power Tools.

  • Game Changers.

  • Sales Joke of the Week.

Cold Calling Isn’t Dead, It’s Evolving

The internet is as much of a marvel as it is a mixed bag. The same can be said for the way it affects sales. Take cold calling for instance; email, social media, and more, have changed the way cold calling works. Is it ‘dead’? No. Is it the same as 20 years ago? Definitely not!

Here’s what’s happening:

Customers Have Changed

As recently as 16 years ago, customers relied on salespeople to guide them through the sales process. New technology has now changed the way these people access information and they no longer need to rely on salespeople like they used to. Thanks to the internet, reviews, markets and other information is right at their fingertips.

And what does this mean? By the time you ring them to tell them all about how perfectly your product can solve their problems, they’ve probably already seen tons of reviews among other things online. According to a Forrester report, 68% of B2B customers prefer to independently seek out information on the products that pique their interest. Also “Buyers are now more empowered than they ever used to be; for the average B2B customer today, more than 70 percent of the buying decision occurs before speaking with a salesperson,” according to Forbes.

Don’t worry. It’s not over. There is a way to excel at cold calling despite the changes in how it works (or doesn’t work) these days. Don’t curl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep. Here’s a solution:

Times have changed, but so can you…

One effective approach is to share (tailored) content with your prospects before making the first call. If your email blasts are up to scratch, or your social media content is making an impact, you will already have created a sense of trust between yourself and a prospect, even if it’s the first time you guys are interacting over the phone. Make note of how prospects interact with the content to better understand how to approach them on a call.

Best read of the week…

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How does one become the ‘Father of Modern Sales Leadership?’ Just ask Kevin Dorsey

Kevin Dorsey is one of the most impactful sales leaders we’ve covered on The Sales Jam. Creator of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast, he has over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn and was named top sales voice on LinkedIn in 2020.

Let’s take a look at his background.

Deep Dive: Kevin Dorsey

  • He got into sales due to the high turnover rates. Sounds crazy, right? His thinking was: “They’re always firing people but they’re always hiring people, too. No matter how much I suck, someone will always hire me!”

  • He moved from Wisconsin to LA and got his first mentor. This was pivotal in changing his outlook and the trajectory of his career.

  • He goes on to become a consultant and sales leader, offering services to prestigious companies like 500 Startups.

  • He further catapults an illustrious career with enormous social media efforts and by founding the Live Better Sell Better Podcast.

Kevin Dorsey’s Four Keys to Growth

  • Don’t do it on your own: Doing sales on your own is a horrible approach to a taxing job. Seek guidance from a mentor or manager or peer, and work your way up with a sound plan. Quit shooting in the dark.

  • Tone is everything: Ever heard the saying “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it”? That’s a thing in sales, too. If you’re asking questions but your tone doesn’t suggest confidence or trustworthiness, prospects will sense it on a subconscious level.

  • Set the stage early: When prospecting, work on aligning with the prospect within the first 15 seconds. This is made easier when you do your due diligence by researching their role and understanding their needs.

  • Become an expert in your industry, not just sales: Just as buyers have access to endless information about your product, you also have access to their industry and role and the problems they face every day. Make use of that opportunity. Why master sales, when you can master your industry?

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Game Changers

Sales Joke of the Week

A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesperson manages to bull his way into a woman’s home in a rural area.

“This machine is the best ever” he exclaims, whilst pouring a bag of dirt over the lounge floor.

The woman says she’s really worried it may not all come off, so the salesperson says, “If this machine doesn’t remove all the dust completely, I’ll lick it off myself.”

“Do you want ketchup on it?” she says, “we’re not connected for electricity yet!”