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Conquer Inside Sales with This Powerful Cheat Code

Can social media hurt your sales game? Not really. Unless, of course, you’re following the wrong people!

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  • Get inspired by top sales influencers on social media

  • Close like top performers by answering these questions.

  • Conquer inside sales with this powerful cheat code.

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Who To Know

We’ve always heard that the company we keep will define us. While sayings like this can be overdone or taken out of context, the basic premise is solid. That’s why we care about what kind of content has been flooding your social media feed and whether it’s helping you become a better salesperson. Here are two social media accounts you should follow to up your game and be sharper than ever.

Hannah Ajikawo

If you haven’t found a way to be more deliberate with your outreach to C-suite executives, Hannah just might be your go-to. She’s a top sales voice on LinkedIn for a reason. She shares insightful and engaging videos that are filled with gems. She’s also the CEO and Founder of Revenue Funnel, a company that helps sales pros create more value for customers at every step of their sales journey.

Josh Braun

You only need to read Josh Braun’s headline and you know you’re on the right page. Josh Braun specializes in what to say and when to say it. He’s a high-performing sales pro who has been sharing gems on LinkedIn and his podcast for years. Follow Josh and never get stuck on what to say to a prospect again!

Must Attend

Sistas in Sales Summit

Sistas In Sales Summit, the premier event that empowers minority women in sales by delivering real-world training, high-value networking, and sincere inspiration from the top sales and business leaders from around the world. Leave equipped with the latest sales tactics, insider career advice, and a powerful community of SIStas by your side. This is where the largest global network of women of color meets to be empowered, educated, and inspired.

Close Like Top Performers By Asking These Questions

We’ve discussed in the past that asking the right questions is the cheat code for closing more deals. But what if you could have prospects tell you exactly what it is you could do to get them to buy? Well, you can. We’ve done some digging and found five rare questions used by top performers to control the conversation and close like crazy. Keep in mind that these tips are for in-person meetings and not remote.

What motivated you to have this meeting?

This simple question helps you to get an understanding of what is driving the prospect early on. From here, you can adjust your pitch around their hopes for the sales journey. Not to mention it gets them talking!

What are we hoping to accomplish today?

More than what motivated them, it’s important to understand what their overarching goal is entering this meeting. In some cases, the prospect may not even be clear on that and the sooner you figure that out, the better!

Where are you today and where would you like to be in x amount of time?

This sheds light on the status of the company currently. The idea is to present your product or solution as the bridge that will take them to their goals!

What would you say is the problem? And how long have you had that problem?

This further informs you on how to position your product as the perfect solution for the prospect.

If you could walk away today with three things from this meeting, what would they be?

Again, this gets them talking. Not only that, but it prompts them to tell you exactly what it is they want you to give to them. This could be anything from alternate strategies to solve a particular problem to step-by-step plans that will help them reach their goals.

Conquer Inside Sales with This Powerful Cheat Code

The First Call is Not About Selling

You’re in sales and the main purpose of your job is to sell and meet quotas. That’s 100% true. But unless you are building rapport with prospects there won’t be much selling going on; especially not on the first call. Try learning more about their pain points and how you can help. Build some trust.

Save Important Calls for the Best Days

A study conducted by Salesmate found that Wednesday is the best day to prospect, specifically around 4 - 5 p.m. Naturally, it’s not like you can save all your calls for that day and that small a window, so the idea is to save the most important deals for that time if possible. There are tons of ways to get creative with this data!

Voicemails are a thing

Voicemail is hardly a new invention, but so many reps forget to use it, you might mistake it for one! Some people may feel that a prospect is likely to avoid you should you leave a voicemail, but that’s not necessarily the case. Just keep the message simple, straight to the point, and productive.

Contacts are invaluable. Preserve them.

You won’t always get a direct contact to a decision-maker. Sometimes you’ll be dealing with managers or second-level executives. That’s fine. Keep touching base with them and continue to build rapport. You haven’t been able to speak with the decision-maker as yet but those people do. On a daily basis. One day the company will need a product like yours and who do you think they’ll be recommending?

The Struggle is real. Accept it.

Yes. Sales is rough. Even if you do everything right, there will always be quotas to meet and competition for you to blow out the water. Once you’ve done everything else on this list and have set yourself up for success, all that’s left to do is embrace the journey. The sooner you do that, the sooner you start winning.

Resources of the Week

  • Sales Training shouldn’t be ‘one size fits all’. The folks at Janek Sales Training get that. Their coaching programs are aimed (and tailormade) at sales reps, sales coaches and even company executives, making them perfect for various company structures.

  • AI might be wrecking the sales industry. Here’s Why….Find out more.

Epic Remote Sales Jobs (listings) - Hiring Now

  • Work From Home Sales Consultant - Scholastic - Apply Now

  • Sales Account Executive - Blackbaud - Apply Now

  • Manager Inside Sales - Eventbrite - Apply Now

  • Regional Sales Manager - Oatly - Apply Now

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