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Ernest Owusu’s Roadmap To Becoming A Sales Development Leader

Plus storytelling tips that will have prospects eating out the palm of your hands!

In Today’s Jam🔥

  • Ernest Owusu deep dive

  • We show you how storytelling helps you close more sales

  • 3 sales communities that will help level up your career

  • Game changers of the week

  • Sales Power Tools

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Ernest Owusu is a retired athlete turned Sales Leader, who has been leveling up SDRs for years. Here’s how he did it… 🏆

Ernest Owusu

Imagine retiring from the NFL due to an injury and thinking your life is over only to make a successful pivot into sales, make a killing, and begin training your own sales teams. It’s a heck of a story. But that’s what happened with Ernest Owusu, Senior Director of Sales Development at 6Sense, an account engagement platform that helps companies identify where buyers are in the sales process and when to engage. 

He’s also a thought leader for BDRs (Business Development Representative), helping them to find ways to level up, and advises BDR managers on best practices.

Ernest Owusu’s Recipe For His Success…✍️

  • The Forever Experiment: Here’s the thing with sales: it’s always changing. A great tactic in 1967 might very well get you fired in 2023. Constantly experiment to figure out what works and what doesn’t in the modern era of sales.

  • Embrace the Change: Back in the day, Owusu would write handwritten letters to prospects, and that would land him meetings. Handwritten letters aren’t exactly popular these days and he’s had to make changes along the way; the catch is he enjoys this process of never knowing what will be successful at a given time.

  • Process-driven programs: In the past, Owusu mentioned that his SDRs were targeting prospects on LinkedIn. One SDR chose to incorporate voice messages into her outreach and this led to massive success. Eventually, they had all SDRs incorporate voice messages in their efforts.


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Storytelling Closes The Most Deals Because…📖💰

It’s easy to connect storytelling to marketing and PR. But people (mistakenly) forget that storytelling is a huge advantage in sales. Remember, we’re selling to human beings, and humans love a good story: our brains are literally wired to tell and listen to stories. If your presentations aren’t using storytelling, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

But how do you do it?

  • Give your story a structure: A traditional story has three main parts – the introduction to the hero, the challenge the hero faces, and an end where the hero overcomes that challenge. Use this structure in your presentation to ensure you’re engaging your prospect. 

  • Practice, don’t memorize: Even a good story will sound like a bad story if you sound like you’re reading from a script. Be spontaneous and avoid telling it word for word.

  • Those final words count: While you don’t want your story to come off as inauthentic, reps must know exactly how they want to close the show. Be as spontaneous as you want in the beginning and middle (as long as you don’t jump out the window) but make sure you know exactly how you’ll nail that ending.

Get this full breakdown on The Brooks Group’s website

Also, check out how to evoke emotion in storytelling here.

Ready, Set, Grow📈


The r/sales Reddit community is in the top one percent of the site as far as size. While it’s not as professional as others we’ve mentioned in the past, that’s sort of what it’s got working for it. Users are anonymous and often create posts speaking to their sales experiences, things they got right or wrong, and how they are navigating their careers. There are also opportunities shared in the group which are super useful. 

Check it out here. 

You can also check out r/sales/engineers; a smaller group (9k followers) that focuses on pre and post-sales engineering.


Bravado: Reddit for sales professionals. And yes you read that right. This community was conceived in 2017 and is an exclusive, members-only version of sites like Reddit. Even then, they’ve managed to rack up over 250,000 verified sales professionals from all over, some of them trailblazers in SaaS.

This is as different from the Reddit sales groups as you can imagine. Zero fluff, straight to business, and may be ideal for you depending on what you’re looking for. Bravado gives you access to tools, job boards, and in-person and online networking opportunities. 

Join them here.

Game changers of the week ⚡️

  • The Digital Revenue Summit is big on digital selling and the ways its uncertainties affect a company’s confidence in its sales reps. Best of all, it’s hyper-focused on helping reps understand digital selling and how to master it in the modern era of sales. Check it out here. 

  • AI is going crazy and people are still worried that it may affect their jobs – even sellers. The Make it Happen Podcast breaks down the four key skills you need as a sales rep to thrive in the AI era.

  • Have you got your sales strategy ironed out for 2024? Stay ahead with this free guide on how to define a sales strategy, outline objectives, and flat-out dominate in your field. 

  • Are you struggling when meeting with prospects? Have you tried building trust by asking quality questions? Victor Antonio shows you how to do just that in this insightful breakdown.

Power Tools🔨

Success Ai

Unlock the power of AI and unlimited accounts to 10x your leads, meetings, and revenue. Dive into a 700M+ B2B lead goldmine, break free from scale barriers, and reach every buyer on the planet. Start for free and supercharge your growth now! Success Ai wants to connect you to 700M+ professionals: Infinitely Scale With Cold Emails.


Orba is your best sales rep! It seeks to understand customer problems and positions your product based on those needs. No need for scripts! Simply upload your product messaging documents.

Orba syncs with your existing CRM data and messaging docs to personalize the chat experience. It also writes back to your CRM so you can have up-to-date first party data.

Remote Sales Jobs Of The Week📁

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