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How Brent Adamson Went From Sales Leader to Million Dollar Author

Realtors make some creative social media influencers. But, what sales strategies can you learn from them?

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Brent Adamson’s books have sold millions of copies and changed the landscape of sales. But how did he do it?

Brent Adamson is a big deal in marketing and sales. Researcher, presenter and author, most will know him for his best-selling book The Challenger Sale, published in November 2011. Adamson was also Vice President at Gartner for 19 years. But how did he go from being a top voice in his field to selling millions of copies of his first-ever book?

  • He worked at Corporate Executive Board (CEB) for 19 years. CEB was a company providing best practice research, benchmarks, and decision support tools to leaders in sales among other fields.

  • During his time doing research at CEB, he spent much of his time learning from reputable companies doing great things in sales. This information and data would later be converted into compelling pieces of storytelling to motivate others.

  • He credits his ability to effectively use his research to his rich history in education; Adamson was also a German professor and linguist at Michigan State University. His natural aptitude for teaching helped a lot with pooling information and “teaching” others through his books.

Brent Adamson’s Four Keys to Growth

  • Learn from the Best: If you want to teach anyone anything, you’ll need the best info and data from the best people in your niche. Adamson understood this and did so by studying the highest-performing companies in sales.

  • Interact with the people on the ground: Studying is great but without interacting with the people out there, actually doing stuff, it probably won’t get you far. Adamson didn’t just read up on what was happening in sales, he spoke directly to senior executives, sales reps, etc.

  • Empathy is Everything: Empathy goes a long way and sales is no different. According to Adamson, sales traditionally teaches you to neglect things like empathy and focus on quotas. In reality, if you don’t know what it feels like to buy, you can’t master selling.

  • Live What You Preach: This is beyond writing a compelling book. Anything you do will be that much better if you believe in the content you are sharing with others. Adamson is a teacher at heart; working on the Challenger Sale was simply taking it to another level.

Game Changer Stats

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Realtors Are Killing The Sales Game On Social Media With These Strategies

Matt Lionetti

Sales can be a high-stress environment. So much so we can forget to cut loose, and enjoy what we do. Matt Lionetti’s content is great because it reminds you to strive for success without always taking yourself too seriously. The dude literally dropped a video on Instagram playing Eminem losing a deal to his rival Kim; he even spit some bars for his viewers.

Glennda Baker

Glennda’s style is a bit different from Matt’s. But don’t you worry, there’s plenty of wholesome, insightful content to go around. Glennda’s focus is more so on branding, and offering resources to realtors to really up their image and overall game. What we like about Glennda is how “elevated” her content is while still coming across as super down to earth. How often does someone show you a hack for eating fruit before dropping you gems on the real estate game?

Sales Meme Of The Week

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