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How Brian Tracy Went From Sales Rep to COO Of A $260,000,000 Company

If you thought case studies were dead, guess again. Plus, get ready because we’ve got a heck of a deep dive for ya!

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  • Case studies are more relevant than ever. We’ll prove it.

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Brian Tracy went from being a sales rep to COO of a $260,000,000 company. Here’s how….

Brian Tracy is possibly the most prominent name we’ve covered on The Sales Jam. He is head of several multi-million dollar companies, some of which he owns, including his very own, Brian Tracy International: a company that helps individuals and companies with self and career growth. Tracy is also a best-selling author with over 70 titles under his belt and is a consultant for (literally) countless companies. Like we said, this is probably the biggest name we’ve covered. But today, we’re looking at how he set himself up to become the COO of a $260,000,000 company. Here’s what we found!

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