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How Josh Braun Consistently Exceeded His $720,000 Quota For 8 Years

Today, we’re checking out one of the most charismatic sales leaders yet. Plus, we’ve found some statistics that’ll put 2023 into perspective for sales professionals like never before.

In Today’s Jam

  • Josh Braun Deep Dive.

  • Why social proof is killing your deals.

  • Sales resources that’ll transform your week..

  • The most important sales statistics in 2023

  • Sales joke of the week.


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Josh Braun is a top performer in sales who has achieved mind-boggling results in his field. But what’s his secret?

Host of the Inside Selling Podcast and author of the Badass B2B Growth Guide, Josh Braun has been a top seller for years. While working at JellyVision, a software company based in Illinois, he beat his $720,000 quota for 8 consecutive years. We’re going to talk about some of the principles that make him so impactful on prospects and the industry as a whole.

The guy has almost 200,000 followers on LinkedIn and has helped thousands of sales pros up their game over the years. By the time we’re through with this deep dive, he’ll make a believer out of you too!

Honestly, there’s a lot you can learn from his LinkedIn w`rite-up alone!

Josh Braun Deep Dive

  • Josh started out as a teacher and eventually went on to create an after-school program, teaching students to be creators (photographers, programmers etc.) as opposed to consumers.

  • This eventually led to him selling educational software to startups.

  • By the early 2000s, he realized sales and what he’s been doing all his life really aren’t that different. He becomes a ‘full-fledged’ salesperson working for a tech company.

  • He later became known as the guy who cold-called Tony Nicely, then CEO of Geico, to major success! This was back in 2006 and is something that helped to shape his career.

Josh Braun’s Four Keys to Growth

  • Find your prospect’s most expensive problem: Understand how it is that your prospect makes money. Find the most expensive or time-consuming part of that process, and use that as the focal point in how you will help them.

  • Matching personalities: In your research, pay attention to whether a prospect matches the personality and approach of your company. Compatibility is important to success.

  • Fewer emails, more responses: Communicate what you are doing in a way that makes people ‘feel something’. It will take more time which means you will send fewer emails. But focus on the fact that you will get more responses.

  • Stop assuming people need what you are selling: If you’ve convinced yourself the prospect NEEDS whatever it is you’re selling, without getting to know them and their company, they’ll sense it, and it won’t get you any closer to the sale.

Why Social Proof is Killing Your Deals

You’re probably thinking there’s no way on earth social proof can hurt your deals! You showed them how many years you’ve been in sales, you crammed a bunch of logos in your presentation, showing off all the mega companies you’ve worked with, clearly the deal is yours to be had. Right? Right??


Not only are prospects overwhelmed by this, but they also have no idea what these five hundred companies have to do with them or their problem. Ever put yourself in their shoes? You’d be a little overwhelmed (and confused) too. Less is more. Especially in a presentation like this one, where you’re meant to convince prospects that you understand their problem, and are willing and able to help them fix it.

In a nutshell, this approach is easy for you, but confusing for your prospects, and honestly, it’s not very useful.


Try showing logos of companies that are similar to the prospect’s, maybe in size, or in the same industry (just make sure it’s not a direct competitor and that it’s not two hundred of them). You can even present options and have the prospects choose what company they would like you to present on.

This way you have their attention more than ever and they get to feel in control of the presentation. From here you can highlight the value you offer, knowing that what you’re showing relates as closely as possible to the problem the prospect is facing.

Sales Resources That’ll Transform Your Week

  • Don’t let the grind get you down. In fact, skip the ‘grind’ altogether and be more methodical. Check out these 3 steps to beating objections

  • Stop telling prospects to ‘sign the contract’. And say this instead.

The Most Important Sales Statistics in 2023

Prospecting Statistics

  • Prospecting is still a big struggle for over 50% of salespeople according to SuperOffice. Being methodical can reduce some of that stress.

  • Buyers are willing to interact with salespeople in person at industry events (34%), via SMS (21%), LinkedIn (21%), and social media (18%). (Twoosk)

  • Email is roughly 40 times more successful in gaining clients than social media. (Hunter.io)

Nurturing & Follow-up Statistics

  • 82% of clients want a response to their inquiry within ten minutes.


  • 31% of salespeople say distributing leads to reps based on their areas of expertise might be beneficial. (LeadSquared) 

  • 38% of salespeople don’t know which leads to contact first, and they perceive this as the major obstacle that slows down telesales. (LeadSquared)

Sales Outreach

Ever wondered what are the most critical components of an effective sales strategy? LeadSquared did a survey on just that and this is what sales managers have to say:

Goal orientation (31%)

Data-centricity (24%)

People-centricity (24%)

Flexibility (20%)

According to this report, this data is regardless of the channel used for outreach, and whether it’s inside sales, field sales, or social selling.

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