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How to Get to the Decision Makers in Any Company

It’s time for your morning dose of sales gems i.e. how companies are generating 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. Plus, how to get to decision-makers by using a simple mental trick 🧘‍♂️

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The Sales Lab🔬: 4 Proven Strategies to Easily Get to Decision Makers

Getting the decision-makers on a call is a huge deal. After all, it’s on their word that the prospect will choose your solution. If you’ve got something to sell and you’re not talking to decision-makers at any point, it’s almost safe to say you’re wasting your time.

But what if you simply can’t get them on the phone, or meet them in person, no matter what you do?

Receptionists are directing you to some random department that’s got nothing to do with anything, and you have no idea where to even start when looking for these guys and gals.

If any of this sounds like your situation, keep scrolling. 

4  strategies for getting to decision-makers comin’ right up 👇

Are Your Strategies Outdated?

If you or your sales team can’t catch a break when reaching out to decision-makers, take a good hard look at what your strategy is like. When’s the last time you’ve collected some data, combed through it, and experimented a bit?

Are the decision-makers that you’re chasing now, the same as the ones you were going after a few years back? If not, it’s possible you’re using strategies for lower-level employees from previous companies.

We’ll take a look at what some of these approaches might look like.

Be Proof-Oriented

If you happen to get someone on the phone or meet them in person, especially a ‘gatekeeper’, your conversation should skillfully establish you as an expert. Ideally, in as little time as possible.

You can achieve this easily by saying something along the lines of: 

“So, [insert client name], you’re from [insert company]. We do a lot of work in your industry. Are you familiar with [insert similar company to  the prospect’s]? Yeah, we did X Y Z for them back in [insert year]. Over the years, we’ve discovered that companies in your industry tend to have the [insert 3 biggest challenges]. How about you share an email, and I’ll send over a case study on our [last 3 clients that are identical to your company].” 

Find out Where it is Your Decision Makers Go, Then Go There

Instead of cold calling someone’s office, another (and mostly more effective tactic) is to actually meet them in person. You can do this by attending company events, tradeshows, etc. The trick is you can’t just turn up to these places and wander about as if you’ve lost your shadow. You’ve got to have a plan in place before you show up.

Consider the following:

  • Why are you going to this event? 

  • What are some of the things the industry is currently dealing with?

  • Who will be there?

  • Who are the key persons you’d want to connect with?

Show up and execute your plan. Then consider reaching out via email, LinkedIn, etc. once you’ve made an impression on the decision maker. 

Drop the ‘Gatekeeper Philosophy’

‘Gatekeeper’ is a word that pops up a lot when talking about decision-makers. Here’s the thing, these people aren’t ‘gatekeepers’ per se, they’re living, breathing opportunities to get your product sold.

These are the people you should be working with to the benefit of yourself and their company. Approach them like a friend, not like a person who considers them as obstacles on the road to a commission check. 


One of the most powerful ways to get yourself through the door. Even better, if the referral comes from a past client or associate of your company who currently works with the prospect. Just ensure that they’re okay with you using their name before you make that call, or name-drop them in person.

If All Else Fails

Let’s say LinkedIn is no longer a thing, the internet vanished, and there are simply no company events in existence – what now?? 

Chances are you’d have to call the office and talk to a receptionist. 

How can you guarantee they won’t banish you to some forgotten department that can’t even begin to help you close this sale?

For starters, don’t ask them for the decision maker by name when they answer the phone. This can make the person you’re speaking to feel insignificant in some cases and besides, simply asking for a high-ranking member at the company can rub people the wrong way for a long list of other reasons.

Instead, ask them a question that only a high-ranking employee could answer. Do it in a curious tone but respectful tone. This will immediately tell the person on the other line that they need to connect you with someone qualified to answer the question.

And also that whoever you are, you clearly understand their company. Think of it as building authority without demanding to speak to a C-suite executive. 

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