Missing Quota? Do These 4 Things

Today’s email is taking a look at 4 habits that will eliminate your fear of missing quota. We also have a gentleman on Reddit claiming that quotas are just a myth. And he’s kinda sorta right!

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The Sales Lab🔬: The Reason You’re Missing Quota

Have you missed quota for the second quarter in a row and are sitting in your cubicle, waiting for your manager to call you up, and give you the speech followed by the boot? 

Don’t give up hope yet. 

There’s good news: First, you have a bit more time.


You can always improve at sales. 

If you’re missing quota hard that means one thing: You haven’t quite understood what exactly sales is. It’s not sweet-talking prospects, pestering them, or being a bully until you get people to sign on the dotted line. 

Sales is a system. 

You don’t have a system and so you’re missing quota.

Stop worrying. 

Do THIS instead👇

Generate Daily Urgency

If you’re busy daydreaming about having more pipeline, you’re probably doing things wrong. Instead of wishing your pipeline was booming, you can always pick up the phone and get it done. 

Similarly, dreaming about getting a spot on your dream team won’t help you.

Instead set up a meeting with your manager or whichever team leader can make that move possible. Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many careers are stunted by a lack of urgency.

Implement Speed

While urgency refers to proactive moves you can make to change the trajectory of your career (for the better), speed refers to responding to messages and setting up meetings as quickly as possible. The faster you respond to prospects’ questions, the faster you can bypass rejections or move on to potential buyers who are likely to close.

Also, this helps to create momentum when interacting with others involved in the sales process as your speed will likely create a sense of urgency on the prospect’s end.

Be Consistent

Becoming a top performer has nothing to do with how tall, smart, or attractive you are – in the end, it all comes down to having a system.

How consistent are you? 

Have you figured out how many calls and emails you need to make per day to ensure you’re on track to beating quota? Find out what your target is i.e. $150,000 per quarter, then work out how many calls and emails need to be made for you to be on track to hit that number, then begin reverse engineering it with absolute discipline.

It might sound like hell, but knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt what you need to do to be successful is a lot less stressful than busting your brain trying not to get fired.

Start Taking Chances

Not to be confused with committing crimes or violating company policies. But there are tons of avenues you can take to be innovative and a bit daring in order to hit your targets. If you wait on permission every time you want to call into an account, it’ll be hard to be exceptional at what you do.

Be willing to push the boundaries and be professional enough to own your mistakes along the way.

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