SaaS Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Today’s game changers include a resource that’s among the best that’s ever been published in the sales world. Also, are you making a particularly avoidable mistake when dealing with clients?

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  • Sales Tip of the Week: Know Your Product

  • The Sales Lab: Don’t Become a SaaS Horror Story

  • Weekly Poll: Non-voters are banned from the coffee machine 

  • Sales Q&A: Pro Tips for SaaS? 

  • Time to Remove the Guesswork from Sales 

  • Sales Scene of the Week: No Yelling

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The Sales Lab🔬: SaaS Horror Stories (and How to Avoid Them)

You’re a happy salesman/woman, working at a top SaaS company. You’ve recently closed another deal. Names are signed on the dotted line, and the client is content with your service (that’s what you’ve been telling yourself).

Time flies.

Look at that: it’s time for renewal.

Except they’re not renewing with your service; they’re actually going with your competitor.

Who’d have thunk it?


At least you should have thunk it! Let’s take a look at what’s happened here: 

Fact #1: The client was unhappy with your service for the entire subscription duration. Somehow you missed this.

Fact #2: This is only possible if the client has been utterly neglected during their subscription; meaning you likely have no idea who the executive sponsor or key users are.

Fact #3: You aren’t segmenting your customers. And that’s a no-no.

Since we’ve decided that what we have here is a complete sh** storm – what’s the solution? Better yet, how do we avoid these horror stories, and blunders in general when selling SaaS?

Don’t Become a SaaS Horror Story - 3 tips

Be Realistic

If you’re just starting out in SaaS, you must acknowledge early on that the grind will be extensive. Finding the right company for you will be a process. One company will have unachievable quotas, another, bad market fit, and another, high pressure. Some companies will have a mix of all three. Accept early on that you’ll have to weather the storm before you find your ‘home’.

Segment Your Customers

The idea is to spend 80% of your time on 20% of your customers. For the remaining customers, rely on playbooks and nurture campaigns. Renewal playbooks are the real game-changers here.

A ‘nice to have’ product won’t cut it

A quick look at the climate in sales, and you can tell that the competition is tough. That said, selling clients a ‘nice to have’ product won’t cut it (at least not if you’re trying to kill it in SaaS).

The tricky part is that you can’t choose what kind of product you sell. So how do you control whether your product is a ‘nice to have’ as opposed to a ‘need to have’? Reframe your product and sell it as a ‘need to have’. 

There are a few ways to do this: start by learning the ins and outs of your product, the pain points of customers, and how to lead with VALUE as opposed to price.

Your hard work will pay off.


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Sales Q&A

Anyone here work in SaaS? What are your pro tips?

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Game Changers of the week🔥

5 Strategies for Selling Software as a Service

Patrick Dang shares 5 strategies for selling SaaS that’ll put some oomph into your funnel. A lot of this comes down to observing bigger companies and copying their approach to things like: 

  • Lead generation

  • Qualifying prospects

  • Pitching to prospects

Removing the Guesswork from Sales

The Advanced Selling Podcast discusses the importance of systematizing your sales process, and why sales forecasting is a common plight among organizations. Find out leadership’s role in inflicting companies with inaccurate forecasts (and what to do about it).

You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

David H. Sandler’s You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar is considered a top 10 sales book throughout the community. He’s been a top seller since the 1960s when he started refining the Sandler Selling System. The best part? He shares all his secrets in this highly-acclaimed book.

Make Better SaaS Presentations with Proposify

If you’re winging your presentations, you’re basically leaving the sale to chance. Lead generation needs a lot of attention and effort to keep your sales funnel flowing smoothly. But your presentations have to land to keep the momentum going.

Sales Scene of the Week🎬

Never yell at the client

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