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Something’s Missing From Your Sales Pitch, This Is It…

Putting people first should be your company’s secret weapon. Just ask the sales leader featured in today’s email. Plus a surefire way to cement yourself as a leader in sales!

In Today’s Jam:

  • Something’s Missing From Your Sales Pitch

  • Deb Calvert Deep Dive

  • What to Read

  • Sales is About Helping Others. Here’s Proof

  • Sales Joke of the Week

Something’s Missing from Your Sales Pitch

Sales pitches are tricky business. Not only are they hard to master, but prospects are skeptical about them from the get-go. If you’re having a hard time sticking the landing, it’s possible you’re missing these secret ingredients.

A Sense of Humor

How many people do you think wake up every day dying to hear a sales pitch? Exactly. With that in mind, try adding some personality to your pitch. Meeting your quota is serious business. However, you don’t have to be all serious when relating to your prospects.

A Way Forward

Some sales reps are great at engaging prospects and communicating how well the product can solve their problems. Even then, sales reps at times forget that meetings (no matter how brief) must be actionable for them to get results. Don’t just get their attention and wow them with your amazing product, but ensure that there is a clear plan of action in terms of what happens after the meeting.

Questions That Count

It can be easy to view prospects as all being the same, and that you know what can relieve them of their problems. That’s not necessarily the case. It doesn’t matter how similar the problems of individual prospects might seem. Avoid falling into that trap and potentially putting prospects off. Instead, listen to their story and follow up with questions that can help them along.

Deb Calvert is a pioneer in making ‘excellent sales happen.’ This is how she does it!

Deb Calvert is a sales leader and founder of People First Productivity Solutions. She’s been in the game for decades and is a real force in the industry. Let’s dive a bit into her background and methods!

Deep Dive: Deb Calvert

  • She spent four years developing her skills in a corporate role.

  • This foundation got her the attention of four prominent companies. An opportunity so huge, she relocated with her family.

  • From here, she pivots: why work for one of these four companies when she can offer each of them her services as a consultant?

  • Of the four companies, three of them take her on as a consultant, subsequently propelling her sales career.

  • She founded People First Productivity Solutions, taking her success to another level.

People First Productivity Solutions, Founded by Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert: Four Keys to Growth

  • Evolve your strategies: Absorb information provided by trusted resources, but never forget to ask questions. Gather data, and apply your own experiences to improve sales methods.

  • Know Your Prospect: Strive to understand the challenges a prospect is facing according to their role in a company. A simple Google search on that role can work wonders!

  • “Stop Selling. Start Leading”: We’re not saying to quit your job and apply for a manager role. Rather, work on embodying leadership qualities when engaging prospects. They will recognize these traits and more easily trust you.

  • Employ Sales Ennoblement: Yep. You read that right. “Sales Ennoblement” according to Calvert, makes someone or something worthy or important. It’s a technique used to boost the morale of salespeople who are often dealing with high expectations and stressful work environments.

    What To Read

Check out these sales books tailor-made for beginners!

The 25 Sales Habits of Successful Salespeople

Written by Stephan Schiffman, this book is a gold mine for aspiring sales professionals. It covers timeless gems, giving salespeople insights into things like:

  • Analyzing your sales pitches to improve future performance.

  • Asking prospects the right questions.

  • Getting to know your prospect and their company.

  • How to convert leads that ‘fall in your lap’.

  • And more.

Presentation Zen

Unlike most of the experts we feature, the author of Presentation Zen is a communications consultant. Garr Reynolds specializes in presentation design and delivery, two things that are paramount to a salesperson’s success. So, what can you learn from his book?

  • How to present effectively across various fields.

  • How to make presentations not only resourceful but also interactive.

  • How to combine principles of design with the tenets of Zen simplicity.

  • How to make presentations actionable for others.

Needless to say, these skills are paramount to moving prospects along the sales cycle!

Sales is about solving problems. Here’s proof…

We hear it all the time. Sales isn’t about making bank, it’s about what you can do for others; how you can help them solve their problems. Sales leaders have been empowering the sales community for decades with their knowledge and real-world experience. Apart from equipping others with the tools they need, they also manage to solidify themselves as an authority in sales.

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John Feldman, founder of Visionary Literary and 4x bestselling ghostwriter can tell you all about solidifying yourself as an authority in your field.

Publishing your first book isn’t nearly as hard as you think.

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Sales Joke of the Week:

The sales manager walked up to a telemarketing rep and caught him napping.

“Hey!” the manager shouted. “Why aren’t you working?”

“Because I didn’t see you coming.”