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The #1 Sales Skill You Should Be Learning Right Now

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Today we’re breaking down one of the least talked about sales secrets out there. Hint: It isn’t tips for cold calling or emailing, and it isn’t even directly linked to sales! 

In other news, we got our hands on a sales book that might be our favorite yet. It’ll help you build out the ideal career with methods that have been tested and proven by some of the best sellers in tech.

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Run IRL ads as easily as PPC

AdQuick unlocks the benefits of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising in a way no one else has. Approaching the problem with eyes to performance, created for marketers with the engineering excellence you’ve come to expect for the internet.

Marketers agree OOH is one of the best ways for building brand awareness, reaching new customers, and reinforcing your brand message. It’s just been difficult to scale. But with AdQuick, you can plan, deploy and measure campaigns as easily as digital ads, making them a no-brainer to add to your team’s toolbox.

You can learn more at AdQuick.com

The Sales Lab🔬: The One Skill That’s Guaranteed to Increase Your Sales

Sellers have traveled to the ends of the earth searching for that one thing that can help them smash quota and conquer the Salesverse.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. 

Still, sellers are always on the lookout for ways they can become better at their jobs. Others are stuck in a vacuum wondering: “Why am I missing quota?”,  “Why am I not in the position I want to be?”, and “Why is selling so darn hard?”.

In reality, beating 99% of the competition comes down to one simple thing.

And today, we’re breaking it down.

Outlearn the Competition

The secret to becoming a top seller is your ability to outlearn the average person.

Think about it: Many people are suffering, struggling, or stuck, due to not having the right knowledge to achieve a certain goal.

If you’re doing okay at sales without constantly pushing yourself to learn, imagine what your career would be like if you set out to learn something new an hour a day.

Even if you’re new to sales, you don’t need 20 years of experience to kill it on the job. Even better, you can get your hands on 20 years of information very quickly by way of eBooks, audiobooks, etc. They don’t call this the Information Age for no reason.

Don’t Fall into This Trap

If all it takes to be the best is to ‘learn’, then why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Easy: Most people are good enough to get by without putting in that extra work.

Some people are content with being average or slightly above. After all, you don’t need to outlearn the average person to achieve that. 

The real question is where do you see yourself at the end of your career? 

Grant Mitt is a top salesman and entrepreneur who built a million-dollar company in his early 20s, specifically by striving to outlearn his competition.

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The rules are the rules.

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