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The 4 Biggest Problems Sellers Are Facing (+solutions)

Let’s take a look at why prospects might think you’re ‘low status’. Plus, four tips on how to get them to convince themselves they need your product.

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The Sales Lab🔬: The Four Biggest Problems in Sales And How to Solve Them

Do you know what’s the best thing about sales?

Sellers never have to play the guessing game when it comes to closing. So many top performers have come and gone and shared their insights, there is an endless ocean of knowledge out there waiting for you to tap into it. 

Here’s our breakdown of the 4 biggest challenges sellers are facing today.

What Do I Ask Them Next?

Most if not all sellers face this problem when dealing with prospects. You got them to stay on the phone. Even better, they’re answering your questions.

But the answers you’re getting are superficial at best and now you’re stuck with no idea how to move things along.

Here’s the issue: Your questions are surface-level. It only makes sense prospects would give you surface-level answers. 

The Solution:

Ask counterintuitive questions that seed doubt in the prospect’s mind.

This can look like repeating the last thing they said to you in a curious tone (not to sound stupid or offensive but in a way that suggests that you require an explanation).

When done right, the prospect will feel compelled to clarify themselves, thus offering you more and more information.

Your Prospects Aren’t Reliving Their Pain

Not to be confused with torturing your prospects, the idea is to have them talk themselves into making the right decision. Why? Because humans are stubborn and don’t like to change, especially not when some salesman tells them to!

The Solution:

Use probing questions that will have the prospect detail the pain they’re experiencing. When possible, have them consider the possibility of future pain should they fail to correct the issue promptly.

For instance, “Hey [prospect], say you don’t do anything, what would change in the next six months?”

The High Highs, the Low Lows

One month you’re on top of the world, can do nothing wrong, and are a compulsive closer. The next month you’re dragging yourself through the mud and are questioning whether sales is right for you.

That comes down to one major issue: You have no structure.

The Solution:

Stop selling based on charisma and create a system that allows you to be consistent. Do this by learning what your prospects’ problems are, how to solve them, and what the consequences are should prospects fail to act.

Use this data to inform your efforts when engaging prospects. 

Getting Clients to Commit

Some sellers are good at starting the conversation but become stuck when it’s time to close. Luckily, this can be solved by applying a similar tactic explored in our previous points. 

The Solution:

Once you’ve guided the prospect to understanding that this is the right solution for them, don’t tell them it’s time to commit. Instead ask: “Do you think this is the solution for you?”

When the prospect affirms what you already know, ask them, “Why go with [our solution] as opposed to [a specific, less ideal solution]?”

You will already know the reason: they are trying to avoid future pain. The idea is to have them say this out loud and convince themselves to make the necessary change. 

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