The Only Way to Master Sales in Your 20s

Have you ever thought: “If only I knew what I now know in my 20s, I would’ve been retired, sunbathing on the deck of a yacht somewhere in the Florida Keys.” You’re not alone. But if you happen to be in your 20s, today’s email will set you up for success way ahead of your peers. Follow these tips and become a certified sales ninja!

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The Sales Lab🔬: The Only Way to Master Sales in Your 20s

If you’re familiar with Jeremy Miner’s YouTube channel, you know the value he delivers with every upload. A recent video he posted briefly touches on the careers of Josh Rivera, founder of Direct2Deals, and Tony Le, a 20-year-old making $200k/month through his Social Media Marketing Agency.  

Jeremy’s sit down with these two revealed a bunch about what it takes to be successful in sales. Rivera and Le used their tactics to take their companies from a MRR of $5k - $15k to as much as $200k MRR with their own efforts. We combined Rivera and Le’s best tactics and used Jeremy’s input to refine these ideas into tactics that can blend seamlessly into any sales process. 

The end result? 

A concise breakdown of what it takes to become a sales ninja before the age of 25

Winging It Isn’t Enough

The first thing blooming sellers need to do is stop ‘winging it’ when engaging prospects. Both Rivera and Le admit that at first, they were selling based on sheer willpower and determination (and sometimes the pity of potential customers who admired them for trying so hard, so young).

Once they started developing a process, the response from prospects changed. Jeremy points out that this is due to tone, among other factors that builds trust gradually as you speak with prospects.

Connection Questions

Connection questions help you help the prospect understand why it is they need your solution. It’s one of the tactics implemented by Rivera and Le that helped them close more sales. A good example of this is your AE asking the prospect what it was that motivated them to reach out after speaking with an SDR. 

Situation Questions

Situation questions can be incorporated in different ways, each usually working hand-in-hand. These will help you gauge how much work is needed from your end (by discovering whether some level of trust was built before your conversation), and how aware the client is of their current problem and the need to fix it. 

Situation Question #1: “What in our advertisement caught your attention [and brought you to us]?”

In Jeremy’s interview, Josh Rivera was actually the talent in his own advertisement. Why is this important? The prospects are already somewhat acquainted with Rivera and what he does for customers like them. It would also be useful (in cases where the founder is the face of your company) to find out how long the prospect has been following him/her if at all. These are things that will help you understand whether some level of trust has already been established and how much work it will take to close.

Situation Question #2: “How do you currently accomplish x y and z at your company? ”

In the case of Rivera, he’s targeting sales teams, so his question is centered around how they generate leads. Most of you probably won’t be training sales teams but the concept of this question transcends niche.

Situation Question #3: “What do you like about what you’re doing right now?”

By having your prospect vocalize their current methods, and why it isn’t working as it should, you are helping them realize that a change is needed. And you’re doing it without beating them over the head. Or cramming your product down their throats the minute they step into the room.

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