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These are The Follow-Up Strategies of the Best AEs

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If prospects haven’t been giving you the time of day, it’s possible you’ve been calling them at the wrong time of day. Let’s dissect the follow-up strategies of the best-performing AEs at your office. The guys and gals who’ve been hoggin’ that coffee machine and got you feeling like a leper. 

No more whining 😢

Time for closing 🤝

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The Sales Lab🔬: These Are the Follow-Up Strategies of the Best AEs

Anyone can get lucky and land a sale or two. Heck, you might even have a decent quarter by going balls to the wall and hacking it.

But only the best AEs can replicate that success long-term, climbing the sales ladder with the dexterity of a particularly agile monkey.

This comes down to them perfecting a system that works. So, if you’ve been winging it at the office, and feel as if you’ve been running out of luck – you’re not actually.

Today’s breakdown will show you how to follow up with prospects like the best AEs 😎

The Right Communication Channels

No prospect is identical, not even if their problems are virtually the same. On the initial calls with a prospect, it’s not a bad idea to ask them how they’d like to be contacted going forward.

Some might give you a solid answer that works out fine; others might tell you something to get you off the phone.

To be safe, do this instead: 

  • Start with an email. 

  • Move to a phone conversation. 

  • Connect on LinkedIn

This process will allow you to understand what channel works best for the prospect.

Do You Know Your Prospect’s Timeframe?

No matter what industry you’re in, buying is a big deal. In some cases, you may be relying on several decision-makers to sign off on a deal which means things can’t be rushed. 

However, this is a delicate dance. Following up every day might come across as pushy; following up once a month will likely result in missed opportunities.

We suggest following up once per week.

Make Each Follow-up Count

Provide value in each follow-up by employing the following strategies:

  • Ask how they are and how business is going.

  • Mention something significant about one or more of their team members.

  • Keep notes of the prospect’s pain points. Focus on these problems throughout your conversations and position your product as the solution to these problems.

  • Share a link to a relevant article whenever you reach out. The idea is to offer them something with no strings attached, instead of tapping them on the shoulder and reminding them you’d like your commission check.

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