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You're Not Using The Right AI Tools, Use These To Sky Rocket Your Sales

It’s time to become a top performer with the NASP Sales Strategy. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a sales podcast to die for.

In Today’s Jam

  • Inside Sales: A Real Game Changer.

  • Become a top performer with CPSP.

  • Sell Or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer & Jennifer Gluckow

  • Sales Pro Talk - Featuring Expert Sales Trainer, John Barrows

Inside Sales: A Real Game Changer

A few decades ago, inside sales was considered a stepping stone and, mostly uncommon. With remote working becoming more and more normal, you’ll find that remote selling is a logical approach today. For starters, this allows for a more efficient, scalable process.

Back in the day, even initial sales ‘calls’ were done face-to-face. Sure, meeting with prospects in-person has its advantages, and allows room to become better acquainted, among other things. But to meet face-to-face for every other interaction had its drawbacks. In-person meetings were expensive, in more ways than one. The saying ‘time is money’ doesn’t exist for no reason. A simple 30-minute meeting would get drawn out for more than two hours at times. All of this just to kickstart a relationship. We’re getting stressed just typing about it!

Working remotely is becoming more normalized every day. Take advantage of remote selling. It’s useful for:

  • Kickstarting relationships.

  • Conducting most transactions.

  • Reserving in-person meetings for high-value prospects.

Become a top performer with CPSP

Becoming a top performer takes a lot of work. Luckily, it doesn’t require any magical powers. In sales, results matter more than anything, so certifications aren’t a must-have. But if you want to add an extra layer or two to your resume, or simply want to upskill by tapping into a trusted resource, here’s something you’ll like.

The CPSP certification program is offered by the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP). Interesting things to note:

  • The course is designed for all career levels: entry-level to executives; even CEOs and business owners.

  • It teaches the NASP strategy, offering sales tactics specific to daily conditioning and behavioral training. In other words, it helps you build sales habits that increase effectiveness.

  • The sales certificate offers gems on how to navigate clients through the buyer journey. This is accompanied by unique strategies courtesy of Fortune 500 sales teams.

  • CPSP aims to replace outdated habits and methodologies, and replace them with something modern, based on buyer psychology. And more.

CPSP is a six-week online course. It’s going for $695 and even offers payment options.

Sign up here.

Sell Or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer & Jennifer Gluckow

Jeffrey Gitomer is well-talked about for a reason. He’s established himself as an author and sales leader with lectures, books, and in this case, a great podcast. Sell Or Die features Jennifer Gluckow Gitomer, and covers interviews with leaders in business and sales. More recent episodes have touched on interesting topics like turning virtual connections into paying customers.

One of the best episodes shares insights into predictive sales, and is a must-listen for anyone obsessed with all things sales.

Sky Rocket Your Sales Game with the Best AI Tools

AI tools are shockingly effective for success in sales. But you know what’s even more shocking? The amount of salespersons that still aren’t using them!

We recommend:


Tavus is a video editing platform that allows you to capture, upload and edit preexisting videos. So, let’s say you created one video, saying “Good day, Jane.” The tool can customize another video to say “Good day, John.” This customization is incredibly useful for engagement on platforms like LinkedIN, as it gives the impression that your video was tailored to suit each lead.

At face value, Tavus may not be tailored to sales, but think again! Video is one of the best tools in your arsenal as a salesperson when it’s time to connect with prospects. This medium allows you to generate leads, share product demos and more. Tavus is a great tool allowing you to create AI videos in bulk. You can shoot a single video once for a campaign and then have the tool customize that content for each new lead.

The Not-So Good Stuff

  • Cost: The cost of using Tavus may deter some businesses from giving it a shot.

  • Book a demo here.


  • Perfect for improving inbound lead responses, Regie AI is an AI-powered sales outreach solution that allows you to customize sales messages to prospects and clients. This tool is known to improve open email rates, and meeting booking, and it’s no surprise. Regie AI is equipped to create hyper-personalized cold emails up to 10 times faster than with a manual email chain sequence.

    Regie AI is especially useful for Account Executives. It allows them to streamline processes by automating tasks like drafting one-off emails. It even drafts customized scripts for phone calls and LinkedIN emails, and integrates pre-apporved marketing materials in messages. That’s just some of what this AI tool is capable of. Of course, there’s also a downside.

    The Not-So Good Stuff

  • Not the friendliest: Some users find that the UX takes some getting used to.

  • Limited customization: Customization features are not the best with some referring to them as “restricted”.

Learn more about Regie AI here.

Sales Pro Talk

John Barrows - Expert Sales Trainer

Who is John Barrows?

John is the CEO of JB Sales, an organization focused on elevating the people and profession of sales through training, content, and events. He has trained some of the world’s fastest growing sales teams like Salesforce.com, Zoom and LinkedIn and many others. He is an active seller who still does his own prospecting and manages all his own deals because he believes that you can’t teach Sales unless you live it, especially with how fast everything is evolving in the space right now.

John’s goal is to change the negative perception of Sales and help sales professionals achieve success by doing it the right way. He believes that when Sales is done right, it’s one of the greatest professions in the world, but when done wrong, it’s one of the worst. To further support this goal and introduce Sales as a career to the younger generations, he is also the proud author of an Amazon bestselling children’s book called “I want to be in Sales when I grow up” that he wrote with his daughter.

Question of the Week

What is THE ONE fail-proof strategy to avoid prospects from giving you the dreaded “i’ll get back to you soon”, OR, “i’ll discuss with my partner first, and let you know”?

John’s Answer:

The only “fail-proof” way of handling this, is to do better discovery in the beginning of the sales process. The sale lives and dies in discovery. If we ask the right questions to truly understand the client’s need and find the real impact it is having on them, this type of objection doesn’t tend to happen. It’s when we don’t find out the right information and stay focused on us and our solution instead of them, is when we should expect this objection.

The goal is to help identify the impact of the pain OR the pleasure, depending on what they are buying. You want to find out their current state and desired future state and see what the impact of that delta is. If you can find it and there is real impact, then you can push on someone when they say “I’ll get back to you” by reminding them of the impact they told you about.

I get asked this question a lot - how hard can you push a client to close a deal? The answer to that is that it is in direct proportion to how much it is in your best interest versus, their best interest to get that deal done. If it’s truly in their best interest because if they don't do it they will be negatively impacted, then you can and should push as hard as you want because it is in their best interest. If it’s in your best interest to close the deal because you have to close out your quarter to hit your commission target, then you're just a jack-ass sales rep.

To address the “I need to talk to my partner” objection, again, it starts well before that happens. Early in the sales process, you need to identify the buying process and who else is involved. Then you need to try to get everyone who is involved in the process involved as early as possible. If you’re getting this objection a lot that means you don’t understand the buying process and you haven’t identified any real impact.

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Sales Meme of the Week

“We’re not that scary are we?” - The Daily Sales